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April 10, 2011


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I have to admit that my hand writing is undecipherable, nobody understands what I write, sometimes not even me :))...calligraphy is an art and not everybody can do that, so I appreciate those are doing that and have such a big talent.


You have just made my weekend end fabulously! I just wanted to stop over and didn't have a clue you had written this post! I am truly blushing after your kinds words and Jane's comment. You are much too kind and I appreciate it so much.

I LOVE your work (and as Jane said, your writing is an art itself) and I am so happy to have made a new friend.


Jane Farr

You've made my day! Thank you Kathy for your sweet shout out. :)
I'm so glad you're inspired by A Place to Flourish, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be featured alongside the insanely talented, but extremely modest Dana.

I love your work Kathy. Your ability to layer and collage all the while using your lettering makes my eyes happy. You have your own, unique and wonderful style - both in your art and in your writing (an art in itself)!!!

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