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March 31, 2011


Jane Farr

Great envelope Kathy!! I'm so glad you participated in MAAW 2011 - thank you! I think the torn book page gives the layout a "Kathy" feel. I would have thought you planned it if you hadn't said otherwise. I did NOT notice the dropped "r" - the lettering is beautiful!


You crack me up! Xo

Kim Mailhot

Hi Girlfriend !
Just saw your name at Michelle Wards blog and said I need to send out a big hug to that lady !
So here it is...coming your way !
Happy Spring, Kathy !
Much Love !

Kathy McCreedy

You are too kind, Seth... did you notice the mispelled word?!? I cannot believe I did that! So funny how we "see" selectively, isn't it?!? (Double entendre intended!) Thank you, Seth, I appreciate your kindness!


I think the ink blob was anything but a mistake because that strip of paper adds so much to the overall design.

Kathy McCreedy

You're right and I'm really disappointed with myself! But, alas, I cannot do anything about it now! Thanks for your compliments and for visiting my site, and for taking the time to leave a comment. Have a great weekend!


Hey, mail art looks lovely, that torn paper is adding nice touch to it. I am sure with stamp its looking more stunning. I missed this time :(
Sorry to point out but isn't 'r' missing in word across? but yes, its still amazing job :)

Thanks for visiting and commenting on the blog
keep visiting leehkin

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