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September 16, 2010



I LOVE my MOO cards! I've gone through my first 50 business cards but still have a few of my first 50 half-size cards (on which I only have my name and email address for those times when you may not want to give someone TOTAL access). I haven't uploaded my own images, though. It's a blast picking out images from their designers. Talk about creative options!!!! I pick out 25 designs I like then get 2 of each.
GO MOO!!!!


Oh yes, the moos are so cool. And your Moo kitty is adorable.


Here´s another Moo card fan - I´ve ordered many of the printed ones, and I´ve mad even more of them by hand ... just love them!


I'd send you one of mine, but they are all given away too! I need to order more coz' I agree with you, they are very nice and handy to have! Sometimes I used mine as labels when I sold softies. :-)

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