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September 11, 2009



Sending out my thoughts and prayers for your brother. I imagine that the donor family is at least comforted by the fact that their family member was able to pass on the gift of life. Glad you highlighted the issue of organ donation -- so important that people are aware of the need and voice outloud their willingness to donate!


Thanks for passing my phone number along to your sister in law. I had a lovely conversation with her and I hope I answered some of her questions on being a caregiver. Continued prayers for Larry and for your family.



Dear Kathy, My best wishes to you, your family and Larry as well as the donor and family. What a evil thing to happen to him and the other 55. Hope things settle down to a dull roar for you soon. Blessings


Oh, I'm sending many prayers and good thoughts to Larry and to both your family and the donor's family.

kim mailhot

Sending prayers and lots of love, Kathy ! And thank you for the reminder.
Big love,


Oh, I'm so very very happy for you and your family! My husband had a liver transplant Dec 23rd, 2005. We moved to Jacksonville to be close to the Mayo Clinic, where he had his liver transplant, and now we spend our time helping others go through the process of a heart, lung or liver transplant. There are so many people who are having to have liver transplants due to the Hep. C virus, how awful that your brother got it the way he did. I've seen a lot of post transplant Hep C patients that are living wonderful lives.

If you or your family would like to talk to someone who isn't a nurse, who has been through the process and can understand what's going on - please give me a call or shoot off an email. The first few weeks post transplant are tiring, exciting, frustrating, nerve wracking, sleepless and sometimes so stressful and that's just from the caregivers point of view. I'll be glad to listen.

Kristin Corlett
(904) 314-3436

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