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August 06, 2009


Dana Smith

I have an 8 year old black lab that is turning gray. I can't imagine what our life will be like when she passes! She is the most wonderful dog and I know when she leaves us we'll be not long in bringing another one in our home. Labs are just the best! Love your Blog!
Dana in Virginia


I am happy you have pictures that you can look back on and smile and remember...


I miss your posts. Hope you're doing well. Come back soon.


I’m so sorry for your lost. The last picture you posted is very sweet, it’s so unlike them. But these two are like a couple.

Jane Farr

Glad to see your post Kathy and to know your getting along okay. Ladybug sure had a contagious smile - her last photo brought a smile to my face. A great capture!


I've been wondering how you were doing. These are sweet pictures of Ladybug. I know what you're saying about seeing other people's dogs. After I lost my little black pomeranian, Teddy, I could hardly look at another dog without tearing up although I tried hard not to. Petting them really didn't help much either, it just seemed to reinforce the pain. Please know that I care.


Hi Kathy,
I've missed you! . . . and I do understand how you feel 'part of you' is missing. It is SO hard to lose a pet. Anyway-I've really been thinking of you and I hope to see your studio pic(s) soon.


Bonjour Kathy,
we had a big dog, and a cat, and they were like the odd couple, the cat with a disgusted look when the dog was drooling and noisily drinking.They got along fine, like Lady and Lily. And I still miss them a lot.
Really nice to have you back,
a bientot


Welcome back, Kathy! So good to see your post. Glad to hear you're doing well, albeit a bit sad still. Perhaps you could post a pic of your new studio when it's done! Take care.

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