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June 01, 2009



Kathy, I LOVE the 'drawing practice' page. The colors are stunning, and the blocks are wonderfully compelling.....xoxox


Great pages Kathy. While I can see the inspiration, I can absolutely see your touch here too!

fortuitous faery

wow...aside from your art being so beautiful, i think this piece is a special message for me. :P

Bénédicte Delachanal

Hi Kathy,
so many interesting things to see and read, I like this idea very much, and like the way you integrate letters, drawings, colors.
The envelope, in the top post, you received is beautiful, The mailman would have a great day if all envelopes were art pieces.

Deryn Mentock

Great interpretation!


Great post! I do that too, trying to decide just what it is I like about certain pieces. Love the sketch of Moo.


So cool! I want to play!


I love that Danny G's book inspired you, I think he's great. The colour blockng you used it really effective - it's great that you were able to identify the things that appealed to you about that particular page. The sketch of Moo is lively; I hope he was impressed.

Julie Prichard

Nicely done, Kathy...always a treat to look at your handwriting no matter what style of painting or drawing is with it!



Great to see how it evolved from his to yours. Sometimes I can get so inspired by someone that I want mine to be like theirs. Thanks for the help. Hope all is well with you and your kitty.

kim mailhot

Beautiful, Kathy ! I love seeing where your inspiration came from and how you put your own twist on it !

Is there anything better than snuggling with our furry kids ? That's part of living life for me !

Happy Monday !

jennifer lorton

I'm glad that you stopped by my blog, it allowed me to "discover" you. I really like your artwork. Good job on the crusade.


Hi Kathy,
Nice work! I always love your lettering and the colors are so rich. So glad you got 'cat help' on your project. lol


michelle ward

Kathy, my friend, what a great presentation of MIYO! Love seeing the *inspiration* and your *interpretation*. You spun it your own way, and we always love seeing your lettering - especially that quote - perfect! Thanks for sharing with the team! xo

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