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June 05, 2009


Friendship Letter

The postcard is excellent. I appreciate the way you presented your views. you are rocking.


Kathy, thanks for the lovely comment on the drawing of my little sis and many blessings to you in the co-fraternity of lil'sisters.


i like postcard a lot with your mixed work of postcard : ) They are wonderful ..

fortuitous faery

what a creative postcard! who knew EKG can be art, too? :P

Bob of Holland

A real original. I am looking forward for your post of next PFF. Greetings from Amsterdam.


I'd love to trade handmade cards with you sometime. Are you interested? Email me and we'll exchange addresses if you are.

Happy PFF!


Great composition and use of color. So cool that you included an EKG tracing.


Awesome card! Really love the colors..


I made something yesterday - it was fairly pathetic, but I had to get it out! I love paper and I have been enjoying your collages. Thank you.


What a lovely piece of Art.

Judith Richards Shubert

I love the cards you create! Red is my favorite color, too. And all versions of it. Happy PFF!


Kathy! Your blog makes my creative heart smile and soar! Sorry if I'm repeating myself but it's so true! A ghiradelli chocolate wrapper... wow! I need to really look at packaging differently too! How amazing to reuse things to create breathtaking art like this!


I love it! I'm a big fan of collages!


Oh this is gorgeous! And what a great way as you said to use scraps that are too pretty to pitch. I love this.



I like that. It takes a lot of originality for mixed media art, maybe it's seeing things in a different light. Whatever, this is very interesting, unusual and pretty. I'm going to try some stuff again, you've inspired me.


It's a really nice collaboration...very unique.


Lovely handmade postcard. Colorful.

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