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June 09, 2009



I love the Redwings logo. There was a garage door painted with this logo for 20+ years, in Lansing, MI. We saw it every time we traveled down this busy road - the house was sold about 6 years ago and the new owners painted the garage door a neutral blah color. I never realized how much of a part of my town that symbol was, until it was gone. I'm not sure why your image made me think of that story so vividly, considering I've been seeing the Redwings a lot lately. But anyway, I'm enjoying your work.


oh my what beautiful pages.
they are simply fabulous and I am so glad you posted them for us to see.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Have a great weekend.
Happy Trails.

fortuitous faery

i just love how you write in typewriter-like fashion. :)

LIsa Hoffman

Here's to the Brave Artists who continue to pick up pens and draw...old school. I'd love to flip through the whole book!...well done. Matisse and Lily will answer to ANYTHING called out in a ridiculous ("here's a treat!") tone of voice. Really. Come try it.


Nice journal pages!

One of our cats is called Elvis, but he will also answer to Doggy, Dog and Fatty. Poor thing...

His sister is called Pokey, but she doesn't have any nicknames because she's above that sort of thing :D


Love the way you have so successully combined the images with the words in all these pages.


Great drawings and I love your printing, as in "the sun is coming up", beautiful. Your journals are great.

My husband insisted on the name Rascal for our little dog, I had other ideas, but he won. Now I'm the only one who calls him that. He calls him Itsy, I call him Tweety Bird (???) I think that stemmed from calling him my Tweety (Sweetie) and went from there. Dog trainers say you should call them by their name all the time or they won't know who you're talking too. Huh! He comes to anything we throw out there. I love your post this time as usual.


I love your drawings! Yes, I TRY to sketch or paint everyday, practice is always good.
Oh, nick-names for pets: Mocha is Moe for short and so many other silly names, I would run out of space: He also has imaginary friends, such as a pet frog named Raul, but that's another story LOL.

kim mailhot

What fun ! A what a great challenge to give yourself ! A drawing a day (or every two ;) ) is a great way to improve drawing skill, apparently. Love the redness you added on the last page too - a shiny red moped sounds like a blast (as long as you have a helmut and there are not too many other people on the road ! ;)

My cat is named Aslan - after the Lion who comes back to life in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - Narnia book. He almost dies when we first got him from the shelter but came back to life with lots of love and care. He is called Azzy, "Little Poop", and Mr. Poo-poo Head...all by me. Chica's real name is Chiquitita, after the ABBA song (sing a new song, Chiquitata...) but she is also known as Chica-lulu, Cheeks, or just Lu-Lu. Again, all by me. :) We are just weird with our animal kids... ;)

Happy Tuesday ! Now go name something !
Love Kim


i like this style of letter ... Might i will try it as this ! hoping i can : )

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