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June 11, 2009



Great quote. Great writing. Great collage. Can you tell I like the page?


Whta a good idea to ilustrate your journal with colour and feelings! It adds such depth to what you are writing and thinking!

You gave me the best reason to eat chocolate last week! I've been eating ots of it for the foil! It's al in the name of art right? :)


Kathy, That answers my question,partly. Whenever I'm working on my journal I always wonder straight or sideways. I know there isn't a right or wrong but it is nice to know that you like straight. I love the red and your beautiful printing.

Jane Farr

You are singing my song!
For my personal work, there's never enough time to do the job right, but there's always time afterward to regret it...

kim mailhot

funny...i have just accepted after all these years that I am not a straight line girl...anyone can follow the lines provided, but fewer of us can make our own paths to follow...

very connected to that quote, I say...

love your crooked lines

Love Kim

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