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April 29, 2009


sandy M

Your letters dance all over the pages. Very inspirational.


I love this idea of journaling to practice letters. Thanks, once again, for a wonderfully creative idea. And I second Julie P's comment above: I always feel a gentle kick in the pants when I read your "go make something" exhortation.


Yum! So this is what real calligraphy looks like. Thanks for treating us to this tasty sampling.


Ooo, calligraphy! I'm jealous! I've always wanted to learn it but I read once that it takes huge amounts of practice.


Your "word play" pages are so much fun to look at again and again, I especially love the red and black page on the bottom. Roxanne

michelle ward

fab sampler kathy! love the layered effect of all the colors and styles. you rocked this :)

Maj Carita

Without having read any of your calligraphy works, I think I can say, you are a master with words! The calligraphy looks stunning!


Love those pieces - the letters are like painted design elements here which is really decorative.


I really like the gold but your colors and writing are beautiful. Your GO MAKE SOMETHING never fails to lift me off my chair and get busy - doing something!

Julie P

These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


These are beautiful!!! The layers of calligraphy are so seeing them all together



OMG Kathy!! Your work is so beautiful! You inspire me . . . Awesome, gorgeous, amazing!


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