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April 27, 2009



This really inspired me. I haven't had time this month to join in the crusade, but this and your next post give me good ideas for word saturation!

michelle ward

scanner or photo, your work is always lovely, recognizable, and a pleasure to see. thanks for sharing your writing, in both styles, with the team. i love seeing what you do with a pen. that metallic looks so juicy i want to eat it. xo


Kathy, your words are your art!! I love the buddha's words here...


thank you! for your most sweet comment!

kim mailhot

Perfect sentiments and such lovely golden words !;-)
Love the added bits of "salad" on the page too.
Nice job, Crusader/Girlfriend !

Jane Farr

Hip, hip, hooray for calligraphy! Although, if my handwriting was as neat as yours, I'd probably never have taken that first calligraphy class. :-)

Julie P

Always a treat to see your calligraphy!


Thanks for your thoughts AND your beautiful writing. Don't we all just struggle and strive to get THERE - wherever THERE is?

audrey h.

Kathy...this is such a wonderful post and the quote is fabulous. Enjoyed reading your personal thoughts about it...very open and honest. By the way, I happen to think your calligraphy is beautiful :) Have a great week!

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