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March 24, 2008


Kim Tedrow

Nice work, I kind of like the background one the way it is now. :) -Kim


Great stamps. Love the big background one in particular.


Great stamps. Love the big background one in particular.


Great stamps. Love the big background one in particular.

Ursula C

I love the background stamp, a clever idea and something else to add to my list! The leaves look FAB and the scratched up alphabet is really cool....will there be more to this alphabet?


Love that you can read MOM and WOW...great stamps!


Great stamps, all of them! I'm kind of partial to the letter K myself, since my first name starts with K! :)


Lovely stamps!


Hi Kathy, The Karving Fool ! So fun ! You can feel your enjoyment jumping right off the post ! I have loved carving very much as well but now feel the need to put the new tools to work. Check out my latest post when you have a chance to see my stamps in action. Take care of those thumbs!


well done again! you've been busy carving I see!

Tina Wright

Wonderful stamps your doing!! It IS addicting, isn't it? :)


Love your stamps! You did a great job! The MOM WOW one is really neat!

Jo Anne

Too cool,huh? My only complaint about all of this is that I can't find rubber anywhere locally and have to buy online! Arrggghhhh...I love this and I am falling asleep at night with all these ideas running in my head with no rubber to carve! I think we are all addicted now and will need to form a support group!!!LOL


Hi Kathy
GREAT STAMPS, all of them! The MOM/WOW stamp is FUN and the background stamp multi functional... And those leaves, VERY NICE.
Hedwig (addicted too..)

audrey h.

Wow Kathy.....more awesome stamps :o) That background looks awesome and I love the leaves.


Someone has been very busy! What a healthy addiction to have. The stamps are great.


Love your stamps. The background stamp is wonderful, it has such a natural look.

Julie Prichard

These are really fantastic, Kathy!! I can't stop carving's so relaxing!!


You get a lot of mileage out of the letters! They can be used for both the M and W! I love the little leftover bits when printed, really like the textures.

This is addicting!


WOW - you've been busy. Great new stamps... love how the one can read either MOM or WOW! Looks like you're addicted!

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