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February 20, 2008


michelle ward

kathy - i just came back to this post as i remembered you blogged about your visit to n.o.
we are heading there this week (for the first time) and i wanted to catch the flavor again
through your terrific photos.

Bonnie Luhman

Kathy, I don't quite remember HOW I got to your path probably originated from Michelle Ward's site 'cuz I love her and start there everyday.... but anyway.... THANK YOU for such a loving tribute to my city. I live in MN. presently, but my heart literally bleeds for my former city. You captured it so beautifully with your words and photographs.
I feel like hopping the next plane out of this frozen place and getting a po-boy sandwich, some gumbo and a Dixie beer...and topping it all off at the Cafe DuMonde. Bless You!! I needed this desperately.


What a great time you had! We visited once a few years ago in AUGUST! But, it wasn't bad, we stayed at a little place right on the St Charles line so were able to hop it every day and head into town. Your pictures make me want to go back!!


defintely on my bucket list! you captured the spirit of the no.

michelle ward

love the view-finder look at this city. great photos - builds a terrific narrative of your visit. never been....someday. happy to have strolled through the streets with you.


Love the photo layout...great little snippets of a fantastic city.


One of these days I would love to go to New Orleans.
The photos are wonderful and I can see you creating some great collages with them. The fleur de lis is an awesome design.

Julie Prichard

WOW! Your pictures look amazing! I love all of them...we were supposed to visit NO in April..but not sure now. The pictures make me want to try harder to visit!

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