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February 28, 2008


Bonnie Luhman

Kathy, I am hoping you are the one who left a message on my blog this morning. I hit reply but it came back to me so I am going to hope it was you and write to you here......

Thank you Kathy for your visit. Isn't it a wee bit scarey?? :-)
I've been thinking, 'Only someone who loves New Orleans could have taken those photographs! '
You really captured the French essence of the city, and frankly, you saw things that I have never really paid attention to before and can't wait to get back there and see things with new eyes. If I were you, I would sell those as collages. I am your first customer!!!
I have heard that there is a walking tour that is really good and it points out all kinds of 'fossils'. Well I just gotta go on that tour. I didn't know we have visble fossils in the French Quarter! Son-of-a-gun!!!!
Anyway, think about selling your collages, really!!

Hugs, Bonnie (Congratulations on your excellence award! So glad I found you!


oh my - my 12 year-old son LOVED this!!!!!!!!!!

xox - eb.

and well yes - YES!!!!!!!!!

you are Excellent my dear - you are...

xox - eb.


Well.... of course!


Congrats on your WELL DESERVED award!!!

Julie Prichard

Serious? Your blog IS fantastic! I love reading and I am so happy to have found you!

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