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February 23, 2008



LOL, playing is so NOT wrong!!! Hope all your dreams come true, great looking travel kit!


Think you are onto something there - different kits for different occasions. Some trips are shorter than others and you need different stuff. I do like those little stamp pads - ideal for variety on the go.

Julie Molina

I know what you mean but there's never a perfect box is there?

audrey h.

Hey Kathy....I love your little kit and I have some of those little inkpads also, love 'em. Also wanted to tell you that I saw your envie in the Letters to the Editor section of the newest Somerset Studio. Love how you wrote Jenny's name on it. Have a great day!


Wow! Been strolling through your blog and you have amazing art journal pages! Love them! Love that to go kit also!!


I have to also applaud your choice of quote. It is so fitting and in keeping with the sentiment of so many of us. Thanks!


Great quote and great kit! It looks so organized and well planned. I hope you enjoy using it over and over and over!!!!


Fabulous! I love the little heart punches already to go! And I so understand the idea of being lost in your own little world...I too can do that...given time!

michelle ward

Kath - cool to see your kit, and to know you made it for a real trip...did you use it?? that's the real test, not how cool the bag or box is - right? love your little pointers - clever to stick your clear stamps to the lid. and also clever to have pre-punched shapes ready to use. bravo. thanks for sharing with the team!


oh's a great quote, certainly not mine. So fitting here and for me and for many!!!

AND you know I know about that desire for time ALL to myself!!

Great stash here...


Trying to come up with the perfect kit would be hard for me and i would love to play all day long.

How do you like clear stamps? I have a few and not sure I like them.

Julie Prichard

It's not wrong to want to play all day...not wrong at all.. as long as nobody gets hurt :)

I too love your lid as the clear stamp holder. Genius!


Ok, love the "stolen" sentiment and I love the idea of using the top of your container lid for storing the clear stamps...brilliant!


Ok, love the "stolen" sentiment and I love the idea of using the top of your container lid for storing the clear stamps...brilliant!

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