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September 27, 2007



red!!! your color is red!!!
those are to die for dishes!

and you know what? i llllooooooooove saab's! and in red? you are so lucky! (i just was in stockholm last month, where they make them! it is a *beautiful city*)

i am happy to have found your blog. very nice to meet you! i will be back!

elsa in germany


OMG -- I really, really love those dishes. Red PLUS swirls, two of my very favorite things. Who's the manufacturer?

Funny how you hated your red hair as a child... that's the most popular dye color now, doncha think?


Michelle Ward

kathy - you know i'm loving the red. i remember seeing luther vandross on oprah and he said he drank water from his waterford make the point that you should use your favorite things - because someday they will break. and if you've used your favorite things and they break (because they will) you can say "i'm so glad i used it" instead of "dang, never used it and now it's broken". enjoy your cute red swirl plates....and when they break, get yourself some new cute plates :)

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