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December 20, 2012


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I agree with you Kathy, from all of my heart. Thanks for writing about this!

Wishing you and yours a merry holiday!


Kathy McCreedy

Thank you for commenting, Seth... just not sure the post is strong enough and not sure how to get those who make policy changes to see it... I've written my representatives and a few folks who don't directly represent me. They're busy I'm sure, trying to keep us from "going over the cliff", but that's not as urgent to me as an assault weapons ban and buy back program... new laws for finances and taxes can be written after the new year.
Just last night, in my community, a 23 year old woman went to a gun range and shot herself point blank in the head. And unrelated, a man was found in his car in a very affluent community shot in the shoulder and the abdomen. Both shooting within about five minutes of my house. I'm not afraid for myself, just concerned about the violence in general!
Thank you again, all my best, Seth!


A powerful post and am important conversation to have Kathy.

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