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November 08, 2009



I agree with all the above...Lisa rocks, very cool to see her here!! Hope you are well...

michelle ward

Kathy - what a delightful surprise to pop over here and see the lovely face of one of my best friends! You got her pegged, always one with new and fresh info. How nice to see you cheerleading for her. (Today is her bday!!)

What an experience you had in Germany - something to remember as we freely walk through our own cities.


Lisa is the bomb! I second your recommendation to head over to her site!


I didn´t know that you´ve once been to Berlin - I´m sure you wouldn´t recognize it, not even the Western part of it. I´m originally from Cologne which has more and much older historical monuments, but I like to visit Berlin as often as possible because it has a special flair and lifestyle that I like.

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