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April 01, 2009


Donna Hartt

I am on the edge of a BIG birthday, and since I am not a scrapbooker,I am trying to make a ring art journal to contain my life, with all my stories, art, and memories. Your scraps spoke to me, and they will find a good home in my heart journal to be kept for all time. Thank you for sharing your precious pieces. Donna Hartt

Tina Nicholson

Your salads look delicious! I'd like one of your salads with a side of Ranch (dressing that is!)please.

I'll email you to place an order!

Tina N.


Yummy idea!!! I love looking at your salad scraps. And your new banner is WAY cool!

As for placing an order, I'm tempted, but think I probably shouldn't. I have one whole flat file drawer, plus one medium sized box, loaded with paper scraps that I'm going to use "someday". :)

Kathryn - Collage Diva

Count me in. I'd love a side of your salad. What fun it will be to play with them. I'll post you a check in Monday's mail. surprise me with the colors you pick. I know I have your address on file some where here in the tree house! xoxo k


I think it's a great idea! I'm not in the market just at the moment...needing to get through the studio tour in May before expending ANY more $$, but I am making a note and will come back if you have any left.

MatCon Webmaster

Maybe it should be called a Tyvek salad! What kind of dressing do you use?

Material Concepts is a Tyvek master distributor. We have a blog on innovative uses of Tyvek - see We see many ways Tyvek is used in creating art work, fashion and archiving art.

And if you would like to purchase Tyvek for use in your art projects, please check out the Tyvek section of our website where you get more info on Tyvek or purchase Tyvek online.

Thank you very much for another cool use of Tyvek!


Your paper salad is delisious and your new banner pure beauty with it's reds, blacks and oranges...Roxanne

kim mailhot

Woohoo ! Salad is so good for you ! Especially Paper Salad ! Zero calories and all the eye candy !;-)

And you already have your 1st sale ! Kewl !!!

Lots of love !

Jane Farr

I think it is a nutty idea and that's why I LOVE it!! :-) Please email me your address, and I'll send a check for a Paper Salad.

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